Applications (services)
Through the specialists with good training and experience in oil processing and distribution of petroleum products, industrial gases, LPG and natural gas, PREMIUM S.A. offer a wide range of services:

- Prefeasability studies, FEED documentation, detail engineering.
- Permitting documentation (constructions, environmental, disassembling).
- Documentation for design installation, commissioning according to an explosion protected equipment (Ex environment).
- Technical and economic documentation.
- Technical expertise.

• Micro-pilot, pilot and semi-industrial stations projects
• Technological processes optimising
• Industrial Construction
• Ecological waste products deposits
• Statical and dynamical eqipments projects (inlcuding remediation)
• Pressure vessels
• Liquefied gas pipeline networks, steam, water, oil transportation pipelines, technological network
• Sewage systems, heating system, water feeding system
• Oil products deposits (full range of tanks: fixed roof, floating roof, fixed roof and inner membrane)
• Oil products loading and unloading ramps
• Low and high voltage electrical installations (including Ex enviromental installation)
• Automation
• Fuel distribution stations
• Vapor recovery equipment
• Fire protection system
• Drying gas station
technological processes optimising, pressure vessels, fire protection system, technical expertise, ecological waste products deposits, fuel distribution stations, automation, oil products loading and unloading ramps, technical and economic documentation
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